Air-Conditioner Units Contract (3x) Contract (4x) Contract (6x)
3 FanCoils (c/w Condensers) S$198 (nett) S$228 (nett) S$288 (nett)
4 FanCoils (c/w Condensers) S$264 (nett) S$308 (nett) S$384 (nett)
5 FanCoils (c/w Condensers) S$330 (nett) S$380 (nett) S$480 (nett)
6 FanCoils (c/w Condensers) S$396 (nett) S$456 (nett) S$576 (nett)
7 FanCoils (c/w Condensers)  S$462 (nett) S$532 (nett) S$672 (nett)
8 FanCoils (c/w Condensers) S$528 (nett) S$608 (nett) S$768 (nett)
9 FanCoils (c/w Condensers) S$$594 (nett)  S$684 (nett) S$864 (nett)


*For fancoils BTU above 24,000 , please kindly contact us at 6286 6720 for quotation.*

Condenser Fan Coils
Check condenser coils Check operation of fan
Check compressor suction pressures Check & clean air filters
Check discharge pressures Check & clean blower
Check ampere of compressor Check & clean cooling coil
Check operation of fan motor Dismantle & clean water tray (if applicable)
Check & grease bearings (when necessary) Flush drainage system
  Check & clean conditions of switches

*Price above are up to the height of 12 feet only

Why choose a contract?

1. Transportation fee is waived off ‚Äč

2. 180 Days of Warranty for parts and labour

3. Service Report is issued to customers for each servicing

4. Prevent major breadkdown of the air-conditoning units

5. Fresher air to breathe in

6. Improve efficiency of air-conditoning units

7. Pro-long the life span of the equipment

8. Reminder call from us when it is due for servicing

9. Save on energy consumption


Why choose Tech-V?

1. Trained and experienced teams of technicians to service your air-conditioning units

2. Best price

3. More than 18 years of experience in the air-conditioning industry

4. Parts and labour warranty


*Terms and Conditions apply.


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