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Live well, breathe fresh is our motto as Tech-V emphasis having a good health with good working air-conditoning unit.

Chemical Flushing


chemical flushing
chemical flushing

Chemical flushing is extremely important as it helps not only to clean away the dust and dirt, but at the same time, increase the performance of the air-conditioning unit. Having clean and fresh air is important as it is the air we breathe in daily, therefore, the clean air definitely matters to us in terms of our health. At Tech- V, we have more than 20 years of experience in the air-conditioning industry. Thus, we are well equipped with the knowledge on doing chemical flushing. In order to wash the unit thoroughly, we will have to dismantle the whole unit down to clean it. Tech-V does not only perform washing during chemical flushing, the technicians will also do a check on the refrigerant charge. It is therefore, important to engage reliable and experienced technicians to help you perform the correct procedure for chemical flushing.